1st CCK09 meeting in SL

Last Sunday we had our first gathering in Second Life.

When: 1pm Pacific Standard (Second Life Time), Sunday Sept 20
Where: Minerva Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Minerva/61/225/28

Here's the agenda of that day:
  • Introductions
  • Plan a convenient time for meetings
  • Should we have a venue at Metaplace?

The participats were: Pionia Destiny, Jackie Rexen, Olando7 Decosta, Frans Tomsen, Lisa Tebaldi, Dan Yapungku, Chimera Cosmos, Ellie Brewster, Anya Kirax, tjmeister Megadon, raulantonio Hollak

This is the transcrip of the conversation held there:
[13:13] Pionia Destiny: Good afternoon..
[13:14] Pionia Destiny: Hola, a todos..
[13:14] Jackie Rexen: I am trying to friend everyone
[13:15] Olando7 Decosta is Online
[13:15] Pionia Destiny: happy to join you.. today..
[13:15] Pionia Destiny: brb
[13:16] Jackie Rexen: I'll go find them
[13:16] Frans Tomsen: either is ok for me
[13:16] Lisa Tebaldi: ok for me
[13:17] Frans Tomsen: hey dan
[13:17] Dan Yapungku: hello evry1
[13:17] Lisa Tebaldi: ok
[13:17] Lisa Tebaldi: :-)
[13:17] Dan Yapungku: the belgian sleep too
[13:17] Dan Yapungku: I at least
[13:18] Olando7 Decosta: hi Chimera
[13:18] Chimera Cosmos: hi everyone--sorry to be late
[13:18] Olando7 Decosta: just starting
[13:18] Chimera Cosmos: Hi Orlando
[13:19] Jackie Rexen: y
[13:19] Chimera Cosmos: sure
[13:19] Lisa Tebaldi: sure
[13:19] Frans Tomsen: sure
[13:19] Chimera Cosmos: Hi Jackie!
[13:19] Chimera Cosmos: CCK Round 2 LOL
[13:20] Chimera Cosmos: Is it OK to type? I don't have my headset with me today
[13:21] Chimera Cosmos: I wouldl need to use built-in speaker
[13:21] Gliese Starsider: thank u lisa
[13:21] Chimera Cosmos: thx
[13:21] Chimera Cosmos: I'm from Washington U in St. Louis
[13:21] Chimera Cosmos: I have quite a bit of info in my profile under 1st Life - I always say us educators are WYSIWIG
[13:21] Chimera Cosmos: we look for collaboration :-)
[13:22] Chimera Cosmos: science education is my interest - higher ed teaching and learning and visualization
[13:22] Chimera Cosmos: chemistry in particular
[13:22] Chimera Cosmos: and faculty development
[13:22] Chimera Cosmos: thanks
[13:22] Ellie Brewster: Olando?
[13:22] Olando7 Decosta: I'm from Brussels, Belgium, and in charge of new media at a business newspaper.
[13:23] Chimera Cosmos: :-)
[13:24] Chimera Cosmos: agree Orlando
[13:24] Ellie Brewster: Pionia?
[13:25] Ellie Brewster: How about Frans, then.
[13:26] Ellie Brewster: We;re quite a diverse group
[13:26] Olando7 Decosta: yes, it's second life after all
[13:26] Ellie Brewster: What about you, Gilese?
[13:26] Chimera Cosmos: that's what I love about SL :-)
[13:27] Ellie Brewster gave you CCK09 first meeting.
[13:27] Ellie Brewster: Gilese, are you a teacher?
[13:27] Pionia Destiny: sorry I am back
[13:27] Ellie Brewster: Well, my dear, introduce yourself
[13:28] Dan Yapungku: Gliese is a teacher
[13:28] Pionia Destiny: Hi, there! I am EFL professor at Rafael Belloso Chacin University in Maracaibo, Venezuela
[13:28] Dan Yapungku: creating games
[13:28] Dan Yapungku: she is new in SL and like to listen
[13:28] Ellie Brewster: games, business, teachers...
[13:28] Dan Yapungku: from the Netherlands
[13:29] Pionia Destiny: I just finished my doctoral courses and my research was based on web 2.0 tools as multiliteracy agents in the EFL class..
[13:29] Ellie Brewster: do you work in games too?
[13:29] Ellie Brewster: we are a rich resource for each other
[13:29] Ellie Brewster: Anya?
[13:30] Chimera Cosmos: it got very quiet here :-)
[13:30] Ellie Brewster: Your mic has cut out, Anya?
[13:30] Chimera Cosmos: yes
[13:30] Jackie Rexen: y
[13:30] Olando7 Decosta: yes
[13:30] Frans Tomsen: ues
[13:30] Chimera Cosmos: me either
[13:30] Jackie Rexen: did for a second
[13:30] Ellie Brewster: Anya, looks like you'll have to type
[13:30] Anya Kirax: mic broke :-)
[13:30] Anya Kirax: I am Andrea Neville, k12 tech specialist in Newfoundland, Canada
[13:31] Anya Kirax: I am the middle person between the educators (teachers) , the system administrators, and the business side.
[13:31] Anya Kirax: I am interested in SL and how it could be used in education, but I am relatively new - did a course with Fleep a few months ago and that is about it.
[13:31] Anya Kirax: that is my intro.
[13:32] tjmeister Megadon: Trevor Meister from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Former highs chool math/physics teacher now exploring immersive educational spaces.
Primarily use Opensim as base of operation. Have tasked 4 sims on reactiongrid as a personal learning environment to pull in data and info from various sources using APIs and RSS feeds for many apps.
Once inside Opensim, hope to explore use of data visualization techniques to experience/manipulate harvest/wrangle the info.
[13:32] Chimera Cosmos: haha
[13:32] Ellie Brewster: fast work
[13:32] Ellie Brewster: Could I make a little reminder to the group, you can type your introduction and cut and paste it later...
[13:32] Ellie Brewster: that's what I was going to say
[13:33] tjmeister Megadon: I'm done...
[13:33] Ellie Brewster: Raulantonio?
[13:33] raulantonio Hollak: I'm from Mexico city
[13:34] raulantonio Hollak: I am a college student
[13:34] Ellie Brewster: Nice to meet you
[13:34] raulantonio Hollak: thanks
[13:34] Ellie Brewster: Edgar?
[13:34] Edgar Artaud: My name is Edgar Altamirano and I teach at south Mexico, near Acapulco city. I work at the Faculty of Mathematics in the Autonomous University of Guerrero
[13:34] Pionia Destiny: Hola, Edgar!!! smiles
[13:35] Edgar Artaud: I am mexican and teach mathematical logic and artificial intelligence
[13:35] Edgar Artaud: Hola Pionia
[13:35] Ellie Brewster: If I've counted correctly, we are 3 Canadians, 2 Belgians, 1 Italian, 2 U.S - a real mixed bag!
[13:35] Chimera Cosmos: TJ, one of my favorite people in the whole world is from Kings College in Edmonton. I don't think I knew you were from there. :-)
[13:35] Dan Yapungku: sorry three belgians
[13:35] Edgar Artaud: 2 mexican too
[13:35] Edgar Artaud is Online
[13:35] Ellie Brewster: that's six people from bilingual countries
[13:35] tjmeister Megadon: CC Cool! Could look them up...
[13:35] Dan Yapungku: and 1 form the Netherlands
[13:35] Pionia Destiny: si..
[13:36] Ellie Brewster: We should have a lot of different perspectives.
[13:36] Edgar Artaud: I coordinate a campus in SL
[13:36] Ellie Brewster: Where, edgar?
[13:36] Edgar Artaud: CERV group
[13:36] Edgar Artaud: we have a campus here in SL
[13:36] Edgar Artaud: Mujigae
[13:36] Edgar Artaud: CERV group
[13:37] Edgar Artaud: we have a meeting weekly on monday 12:00 AM SL time
[13:37] Olando7 Decosta: Mujigae that is in the Chilbo region
[13:37] Edgar Artaud: yes
[13:37] Azucena Villota is Online
[13:37] Edgar Artaud: we are neighborgs
[13:37] Olando7 Decosta: exactly
[13:37] Edgar Artaud: we know chilbo people
[13:37] Ellie Brewster: seems that we
[13:38] Ellie Brewster: have a heavier European membership though, so perhaps we could talk about meeting times - this meeting is quite late for you
[13:38] Lisa Tebaldi: for me is good
[13:38] Olando7 Decosta: I like it because I work late, so for me it's no problem
[13:38] Frans Tomsen: no problem for me
[13:38] Kronor Yearsley is Online
[13:38] Frans Tomsen: earlier in the day is more difficult
[13:39] Lisa Tebaldi: yes also for me
[13:39] Ellie Brewster: It's good for me too.
[13:39] Ellie Brewster: Should we meet here again next week?
[13:39] Edgar Artaud: on sundays?
[13:40] Ellie Brewster: on Sundays.
[13:40] Olando7 Decosta: yes perfect
[13:40] Frans Tomsen: yes, great
[13:40] Lisa Tebaldi: good
[13:40] Anya Kirax: this is a good time for me as well
[13:40] Lisa Tebaldi: i use fb
[13:40] tjmeister Megadon: My work is currently entirely virtual, so work in every time zone depending who I work with....very flexible
[13:40] Olando7 Decosta: :)
[13:40] Ellie Brewster: What about the Chilbo sandbox -- will people want to use that?
[13:40] Olando7 Decosta: it's a pity timezones are not virtual
[13:41] Edgar Artaud: we have a campus as well
[13:41] Edgar Artaud: I think this is perfect
[13:41] Chimera Cosmos: was afk--have to catch up in chat--sorry!
[13:41] Ellie Brewster: Ive given nearly everyone a notecard to the Chilbo community
[13:41] Ellie Brewster: That's where fleep built the resources for last time.
[13:41] Chimera Cosmos: Sunday is good, this time is good - or 4 hours earlier or later is fine too
[13:42] Ellie Brewster: OK, Chimera, I'll note that.
[13:42] Lisa Tebaldi: I have a land for teach
[13:42] Pionia Destiny: *nods in agreement *
[13:42] Ellie Brewster: Maybe if I send out the landmark through the group notification, people can visit Chilbo when they want to.
[13:42] Ellie Brewster: And can give me links to materials
[13:42] Pionia Destiny: thanks..
[13:43] Ellie Brewster: Or we can set up something on the web, like a wiki or learning environment, and just link it to there...
[13:43] Pionia Destiny: we have set up a ning...
[13:43] Olando7 Decosta: maybe even on the moodle...
[13:43] Willow Tuqiri is Offline
[13:43] Ellie Brewster: So first question next week will be whether we will find Chilbo useful, whether we want to contribute that way...
[13:43] Pionia Destiny: http://cck2009.ning.com/
[13:43] Ellie Brewster: I can connect that to Chilbo.
[13:43] Jackie Rexen: Those tools have already been set up
[13:43] Pionia Destiny: that could be a good place..
[13:44] Jackie Rexen: for CCK09
[13:44] Willow Tuqiri is Online
[13:44] Ellie Brewster: Let's leave that question open, and go into it again next time?
[13:44] Lisa Tebaldi: ellie
[13:44] Olando7 Decosta: yep
[13:44] Lisa Tebaldi: we can use sloodle
[13:44] Olando7 Decosta: so people can have a look in chilbo
[13:44] Chimera Cosmos: we could offer to facilitate other CCK09ers who want to get into SL
[13:44] Jackie Rexen: Sloode is a great idea that is what I was just thinking
[13:44] Ellie Brewster: Sloodle is another way.
[13:44] Chimera Cosmos: among us we have quite a few places they could visit
[13:44] Ellie Brewster: Chimera, I think that's a great idea.
[13:44] Olando7 Decosta: yes making field trips is nice
[13:44] Lisa Tebaldi: i use sloodle in my courses
[13:45] Edgar Artaud: sure, we have sloodle too
[13:45] Ellie Brewster: That's one of the reasons I wanted to meet here, where there is an orientaiton area.
[13:45] tjmeister Megadon: There must be a whole raft of connection points if last year's was any indication...
[13:45] Jackie Rexen: Like the Bus Stop
[13:45] Chimera Cosmos: that's one of the things my collaaborator and I are looking at
[13:45] Edgar Artaud: and three places for meetings
[13:45] Chimera Cosmos: the best way to get faculty, etc. into SL and acclimated
[13:45] Ellie Brewster: I agree, Chimera.
[13:45] Chimera Cosmos: I'm on Jokaydia--it's kind of like Chilbo but more uniformly educators, a lot Australian
[13:46] Ellie Brewster: As to meeting times, should we hold them to an hour, or just have people come and go as they wih?
[13:46] Olando7 Decosta: hey Cosimo
[13:46] Ellie Brewster: Hi Cosimo
[13:46] tjmeister Megadon: Not that it is necessary, there seems to be a lot of available space in SL, but for anyone wishing to visit an Opensim, I have whole empty Islands that can be used as well...
[13:46] Olando7 Decosta: one hour is fine with me
[13:46] Cosimo Urbanowicz: hi all
[13:47] Ellie Brewster: tj, that sounds like a great idea for a field trip
[13:47] Pionia Destiny: welcome, cossimo
[13:47] Chimera Cosmos is Online
[13:47] Pionia Destiny: smiles at chimera..
[13:47] Chimera Cosmos: :-)
[13:47] tjmeister Megadon: any time...the avies are a bit on the noobish side, but at least you won't get ruthed on reactiongrid...
[13:47] Anya Kirax: tj that would be great to visit, I have been looking at OpenSim for our internal use
[13:47] Chimera Cosmos: TJ, you are still on Reaction Grid, right?
[13:48] Chimera Cosmos: that is a very educator-friendly OpenSim implementation
[13:48] Lisa Tebaldi: i have a opensim
[13:48] Ellie Brewster: I'm really curious about opensim
[13:49] Chimera Cosmos: I made one opensim sim on my macbook-- but no one can come there but me till I figure that part out LOL
[13:49] Carolrb Roux is Online
[13:49] Lisa Tebaldi: it is in private server
[13:49] tjmeister Megadon: Cool Lisa, is your grid on the hypergrid, ...we can jump around between them then...
[13:49] Ellie Brewster: Just on your macbook? that's all?
[13:49] Chimera Cosmos: yes
[13:49] Lisa Tebaldi: yes
[13:49] Ellie Brewster: I must get myself up to date.
[13:49] Chimera Cosmos: just to learn how to do it
[13:49] Ellie Brewster: was it hard to learn?
[13:49] Lisa Tebaldi: but i use a private server for my students
[13:49] Olando7 Decosta: not fo Chimera...
[13:49] Chimera Cosmos: I'm planning on writing an OpenSim how-to post
[13:49] Lisa Tebaldi: no in hypergrid
[13:49] Chimera Cosmos: from a mac non-programmer perspective :-)
[13:50] tjmeister Megadon: Cyberlandia?
[13:50] Ellie Brewster: Well, as you can see by the rather clumsy seating in this circle, I'm no expert
[13:50] Chimera Cosmos: it's not hard, but I had to dig quite a bit online to find directions I could use
[13:50] Chimera Cosmos: and adapt
[13:50] Lisa Tebaldi: no in cyberlandia
[13:50] Ellie Brewster: Documentation is always a problem. True geeks don't seem to write much
[13:50] Edgar Artaud: what will be the next agenda?
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: Ok, we havent talked much about connectivism, and we should have some questions for that.
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: But before we do, we should talk about Metaplace
[13:51] Olando7 Decosta: yep
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: Do we want to use it?
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: How should we use it?
[13:51] Chimera Cosmos: I am a beta-person in Metaplace like Orlando, but I don't go there as much
[13:51] Olando7 Decosta: I have a world there, you can use it
[13:51] Chimera Cosmos: I like SL in general
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: is it Mac-friendly?
[13:51] Chimera Cosmos: yes
[13:51] Ellie Brewster: oh yes, they use a browser
[13:51] Olando7 Decosta: yes it is
[13:51] Chimera Cosmos: simple to sign up
[13:52] Olando7 Decosta: it is very easy, it's like going to a website
[13:52] Ellie Brewster: I'm up for learning, it might be useful for student orientation
[13:52] Chimera Cosmos: shaping your land is not un-like SL, they have classes
[13:52] Olando7 Decosta: http://www.metaplace.com/mixedrealities for instance is my place
[13:52] Chimera Cosmos: but I have not had much time
[13:52] Olando7 Decosta: u can embed it in ur site
[13:52] Chimera Cosmos: yes, the embed part is cool
[13:52] Chimera Cosmos: you can invite people directly to your Metaplace "world"
[13:52] Olando7 Decosta: and they have a local metaplace-audience with some educators
[13:53] Olando7 Decosta: who could be interested
[13:53] Ellie Brewster: I'm going to write up my notes for this meeting, I'll put out an invitation, and we can post it to the Moodle site.
[13:53] tjmeister Megadon: I haven't taken a look at Metaplace yet, but would like to....
[13:53] Ellie Brewster: We can just see how it goes...
[13:53] Olando7 Decosta: it's interesting
[13:53] Lisa Tebaldi: ok
[13:53] Olando7 Decosta: IMHO
[13:54] Ellie Brewster: For next week, does anyone want to throw out some questions about connective knowledge?
[13:54] Olando7 Decosta: yes
[13:54] Ellie Brewster: So we can be thinking about it over the week
[13:54] Grace Nakamura is Offline
[13:54] Pionia Destiny: wowo.. I am sitting among people with a lot of experience *hopes she learns a lot*.. smiles
[13:54] tjmeister Megadon: The more points of connection...the more robust the network becomes to a point...
[13:54] Chimera Cosmos: metaplace is more 2.5D
[13:54] Olando7 Decosta: we talked about immersion and learning ecosystems
[13:54] Chimera Cosmos: than 3D
[13:54] Olando7 Decosta: during the elluminate session (Thursday)
[13:55] Energy Sands is Offline
[13:55] Jackie Rexen: How does Second life and the way that it evolved/continues to evolve represent connectivism? For next week
[13:55] Ellie Brewster: great question.
[13:55] Ellie Brewster: I've been thinking about that myself
[13:55] Jackie Rexen: ; )
[13:55] Edgar Artaud: ok, good question
[13:55] Ellie Brewster: and I promise to fix the seating
[13:55] tjmeister Megadon: I found/and am finding, that I cross over into so many different places now with the same individuals...
[13:56] Jackie Rexen: The big ball in my lap is getting heaving ; )
[13:56] Pionia Destiny: knowledge is everywhere..
[13:56] Chimera Cosmos: the people I'm still connected to from CCK08 tend to be SL people
[13:56] Chimera Cosmos: SL forges strong connections
[13:56] Pionia Destiny: yes.. likeminded people get together..
[13:56] tjmeister Megadon: often the same convo goes from twitter to here to a blog, to somewhere else in a matter of minutes sometimes...
[13:56] Jackie Rexen: It does - doesn't it Chimerai ; )
[13:56] Pionia Destiny: experimenting with rolepalying.. now..
[13:56] Chimera Cosmos: yes--SL people are all over - twitter, Facebook
[13:56] Olando7 Decosta: yes but we should try to reach out, to find people who are not necessarily virtual worlds inclined
[13:56] Ellie Brewster: I have a new hud that allows me to tweet from within Second Life
[13:57] Chimera Cosmos: I have over 200 SL friends on FB I think...
[13:57] Frans Tomsen: but the other way around is different
[13:57] Frans Tomsen: look at the number of people who are eg on facebook or twitter
[13:57] Frans Tomsen: and how many of them are in SL
[13:57] Olando7 Decosta: yep
[13:57] Chimera Cosmos: Orlando! We must convert them all to BE virtual worlds people LOL
[13:57] Ellie Brewster: We're actually talking about presence, aren't we?
[13:57] Edgar Artaud: yes we have a hud to tweet from here
[13:57] Pionia Destiny: In my university.. very little
[13:57] Olando7 Decosta: I know Chimera lol
[13:57] Frans Tomsen: yes
[13:57] Chimera Cosmos: they are missing out...
[13:58] Ellie Brewster: Physical presence enhances learning
[13:58] Chimera Cosmos: indeed Ellie
[13:58] Ellie Brewster: How does that work with connectivism
[13:58] Olando7 Decosta: but maybe virtual worlds is only for a minority....
[13:58] Chimera Cosmos: I'm completely sold
[13:58] Pionia Destiny: I feel like a pioneer going to the frontier..
[13:58] Lisa Tebaldi: i am writing in facebook about this meeting
[13:58] Lisa Tebaldi: now
[13:58] Chimera Cosmos: not eventually I don't think Orlando
[13:58] tjmeister Megadon: One of my goals is to use the VWorld as main hub for pulling in everything...
[13:58] Pionia Destiny: right ow .. sooner or later they will have to catch up
[13:58] Frans Tomsen: so it seems that SLians embrace those media easier than vice versa
[13:58] Chimera Cosmos: it will be the majority eventually, just like the web
[13:58] Chimera Cosmos: seamless I bet
[13:58] Frans Tomsen: which indeed may indicate that connenctions here are stronger
[13:59] Ellie Brewster: I came into SL nearly 4 years ago, and it was instant - I was at home. Not everyone is like this though. Why?
[13:59] Chimera Cosmos: me too Ellie
[13:59] Chimera Cosmos: I think a lot of us are the bleeding edge early adopters
[13:59] tjmeister Megadon: 1 or 2 bad experiences....
[13:59] Pionia Destiny: people need good computers ..to get here.. iternet conexion..
[13:59] Chimera Cosmos: perhaps viewed with skepticism by some colleagues - and we find each other here :-)
[13:59] Olando7 Decosta: using 3D avatars is not self-evident
[13:59] tjmeister Megadon: at a poorly set up orientation place with a griefer or something...never come back...
[14:00] Edgar Artaud: why do not invite to George Siemens or Stephen to give a talk in SL?
[14:00] Olando7 Decosta: not everyone connects with that
[14:00] Anya Kirax: I really like SL, but don't often have synchronous time - most of my activity (and that of those around me) is async (email, blogs etc)
[14:00] Lisa Tebaldi: yes
[14:00] Ellie Brewster: that's a great idea
[14:00] Chimera Cosmos: yes, I've changed how I think about getting people in over the last year
[14:00] tjmeister Megadon: Stephen is active in SL
[14:00] Olando7 Decosta: yes wondering what they think about virtual worlds
[14:00] tjmeister Megadon: or has been
[14:00] Chimera Cosmos: I used to be more purist about them having to get their own account first
[14:01] tjmeister Megadon: I will be working with @courosa on the course that runs parallel to this one, and is similar in many ways...
[14:01] Pionia Destiny: Virtual worlds is the next step ater blogs, wikies or social networks..
[14:01] Frans Tomsen: exactly
[14:01] Ellie Brewster: Here's a question: we've just been talking about SL - everyone has something to say, but it's all just a little bit at a tangent. Yet it all makes sense. We are learning from each other. Connectivist?
[14:01] Pionia Destiny: of course..
[14:01] Edgar Artaud: we can put SL in the agenda of discussions on connectivism CCK09
[14:02] Pionia Destiny: you connect to people in your network that are also learning..
[14:02] Olando7 Decosta: yes Edgar
[14:02] Olando7 Decosta: that share similar interests
[14:02] Pionia Destiny: you don't have to be there all the time.. you come and go but your network is always there..
[14:02] Olando7 Decosta: but there is a danger of the echo chamber
[14:02] Pionia Destiny: echo chamber?
[14:02] Chimera Cosmos: funny, it was SL that got me onto Facebook and ultimately onto twitter :-)
[14:03] tjmeister Megadon: Same with me...CC
[14:03] Olando7 Decosta: yes - I mean, we all are passionated about SL
[14:03] Chimera Cosmos: and it was an NMC conference that "stuck" me to SL
[14:03] Olando7 Decosta: but invite in some other people, and maybe they have good reasons to reject it
[14:03] Jackie Rexen: I agree Olando - I understand that -
[14:03] Olando7 Decosta: but do we still listen to their take?
[14:03] Olando7 Decosta: it's like twitter
[14:03] Chimera Cosmos: usually they don't have good reasons--they just think they do
[14:03] Pionia Destiny: something that I have learned about integrating technology to education...is that people have to come here because they feel like doing it..
[14:03] Chimera Cosmos: so it's an educational experiment
[14:04] Olando7 Decosta: it is forbidden to say bad stuff about twitter amongst the twitterati
[14:04] Jackie Rexen: not all tools are good for all people
[14:04] tjmeister Megadon: Last year Prok provided a good counterpoint to the echo chamber...a little to the extreme for some...
[14:04] Chimera Cosmos: no, but rejecting a tool out of hand without understanding it--that's a frame of mind and a world-view
[14:04] Olando7 Decosta: but yet, the overwhelming majority of people don't use twitter or gave up on it
[14:04] Chimera Cosmos: and one that I reject :-)
[14:04] Pionia Destiny: the thing is that technology is advancing so fast.. it will catch the ones that saty behind..
[14:04] Jackie Rexen: I love Twitter and I love Second Life but understand the perspective of those who do not "like" them (as long as they gave the tools a good chance).
[14:05] Pionia Destiny: kids are not the same kids we were ..
[14:05] Olando7 Decosta: the problem is, I know a lot of very tech savvy people who don't believe in second life at all
[14:05] Lisa Tebaldi: yes digital natives
[14:05] Chimera Cosmos: right--my kids are in their 20s and I watched them grow with Social Media over the last 10 years
[14:05] Pionia Destiny: they like tech things..
[14:05] Chimera Cosmos: it was me who was late to their party hahaha
[14:05] Anya Kirax: I don't use twitter, it doens't fit into my toolset, but if someone else sounds like they might enjoy it and make use of it, I show it to them. Use the best tool for each situation.
[14:05] Pionia Destiny: I m my case I am interested more in education and how people learn..
[14:06] tjmeister Megadon: I have 3 kids, under 14, I am hesitant to use the term digital native, but I know for sure, they get the idea of virtual space...
[14:06] Pionia Destiny: definetely..
[14:06] Chimera Cosmos: yes, to them it's not anything unusual TJ
[14:06] Olando7 Decosta: which is good news
[14:06] Chimera Cosmos: and it will never be
[14:07] Anya Kirax: Some kids are like that - I meet many who are not.
[14:07] Pionia Destiny: my son is using virtual worlds.. and it's use to those environtment.. real life school is just plain boring
[14:07] Chimera Cosmos: my strong interest is in learning too, especially from visualization--which fits with SL and 3D
[14:07] Chimera Cosmos: kids adopt the attitudes of their parents and teachers
[14:07] Olando7 Decosta: my interest is virtual communities
[14:07] Jackie Rexen: Thanks for the metting - one of the great benefits of SL is the live music and I am going to listen to Grace McDonnaugh sing!
[14:07] Pionia Destiny: literacies.. are boosted in these envirotments
[14:07] Chimera Cosmos: I worry about those who are only exposed to "scare mongers"
[14:07] Olando7 Decosta: great Jackie
[14:08] Chimera Cosmos: yes! got the Grace announcement too Jackie
[14:08] Chimera Cosmos: I used to live in Avendale
[14:08] Olando7 Decosta: I've to run too see u all next Sunday or at the course
[14:08] tjmeister Megadon: I can't understand some of the concerns....I am much more worried about my child walking to school or downtown than visiting a Vworld
[14:08] Frans Tomsen: see you olando
[14:08] Pionia Destiny: what time next sunday.. same time same place?
[14:09] Ellie Brewster: OK, I've got to go too -- can everyone try to come with one concrete question about the course content?
[14:09] Ellie Brewster: same time, same place
[14:09] tonsea Mayo is Online
[14:09] Chimera Cosmos: absolutely TJ :-)
[14:09] Pionia Destiny: exactly... Tjmeister
[14:09] Chimera Cosmos: nice to meet you all
[14:09] Ellie Brewster: Great meeting! thanks
[14:09] Anya Kirax: Do we post the questions in advance in the moddle? or just when we are here?
[14:09] Olando7 Decosta is Offline
[14:09] Lisa Tebaldi: thanks
[14:09] Ellie Brewster: I think if we just bring them, that will work
[14:09] Anya Kirax: k
[14:09] Ellie Brewster: bye!
[14:09] tjmeister Megadon: Until next week then...and inbetween on various other platforms...
[14:09] Chimera Cosmos: how many of you were in CCK08?
[14:10] Pionia Destiny: I was..
[14:10] Anya Kirax: NIce to meet you all.
[14:10] Frans Tomsen: see you all
[14:10] SixofEight Miles is Offline
[14:10] Ellie Brewster is Offline
[14:10] Pionia Destiny: lurking.. most of the time
[14:10] tjmeister Megadon: I had a strong start, but a weak finish...
[14:10] Anya Kirax: bye
[14:10] Chimera Cosmos: should have asked that earlier--before everyone started to leave LOL
[14:10] Alexandra Fairey is Online
[14:10] tjmeister Megadon: hope to reverse that this year
[14:10] Chimera Cosmos: I was a lurker too TJ
[14:10] Pionia Destiny: that's ok.. we have a second chance..
[14:10] Chimera Cosmos: hahah
[14:10] Chimera Cosmos: and maybe CCK10
[14:10] Lisa Tebaldi: yes:-)
[14:10] Pionia Destiny: I believe that you do what you can... trust your network..
[14:10] Chimera Cosmos: does anyone know how many signed up this year?
[14:10] tjmeister Megadon: I still follow many of the people I linked to in that first coupld of weeks...
[14:11] Pionia Destiny: we can't be everywhere all the time..
[14:11] Lisa Tebaldi: in fact
[14:11] Cosimo Urbanowicz is Online
[14:12] tjmeister Megadon: A really good blog post by Stephen Downes if you haven't seen it yet http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2009/09/operating-system-for-mind.html
[14:12] Cosimo Urbanowicz: thanks all, i'll try to be on time next week!
[14:12] Pionia Destiny: thanks all for this conversation..
[14:12] Pionia Destiny: it was fun
[14:12] Lisa Tebaldi: thanks at all
[14:12] Edgar Artaud: thank you for the post, it looks interesting really
[14:13] Niall Firehawk is Offline
[14:13] tjmeister Megadon: So Lisa, do you have an opensim on a grid, or just a private..
[14:13] Lisa Tebaldi: private server
[14:13] tjmeister Megadon: kk
[14:13] Lisa Tebaldi: for my student
[14:13] Edgar Artaud: ok, thank you, Im leaving now, thank you very much
[14:13] Pionia Destiny: safe paths.. everyone..
[14:14] tjmeister Megadon: Did your institution set it up, or is it hosted by someone...
[14:14] Lisa Tebaldi: but i know Cyberlandia
[14:14] Lisa Tebaldi: i am alone with a other teacher
[14:14] Pionia Destiny: me too..
[14:14] tjmeister Megadon: Cool. Nice thing about opensim, doesn't take much to get going...
[14:15] Pionia Destiny: I am the only one experimenting with SL.. in my institution...
[14:15] Pionia Destiny: well, thanks..
[14:15] tjmeister Megadon: See you Pionia...

It was a fun experience to have the chance to meet and interact with great people interested in integrating technology to their classes.


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