[SLED] Human Trafficking -- An Immersive SL experience

Hello, there! Pionia is back wishing you all a happy new year.... Reading one of the many list ("SL Educators (The SLED List)" <educators@lists.secondlife.com> she's subscribed to..  found this invitation and thought it was worth to pass around. It was posted by Rolig Loon and it goes like this:

The Community Virtual Library invites you to visit a special immersive exhibit to bring attention to issues of sexual exploitation, forced labor, and the black market trade in children and women. We plan to have the educational exhibit in place at least through January, starting with the formal opening on Monday.

Human Trafficking Exhibit & Experience Info Island
Opening January 11th at 6 PM SLT

This multi-media exhibit will allow visitors to learn about the dark underworld where people are bought and sold, living lives as abused and dehumanized slaves.  The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on
Human Trafficking reports that this criminal activity is second only to drug trafficking.  No region of the world, no race, no gender, no age group is beyond the reach of traffickers.  This exhibit serves to provide information about human trafficking, but also places the visitor inside this world to experience a small sampling of the hardships faced by victims.

Looks like it will be a good way to learn about this terrible problem that affects mostly women and children.


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