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Lecture 11: Theories of Knowledge 1

Arenita Playita

Arenita Playita on PhotoPeach

Learning English In A Medieval World

Well, Pionia finally decided to hold her first English course in SL. So, I am really happy to announce our:

Learning English In A Medieval World.
Level: beginners
When: every Friday at 7.00 am SLT*
Teacher: Pionia Destiny (Dr. Doris Molero in RL)
Starting: Friday 08/27/2010

Description of the course:Students and teacher as well as a whole role plraying community interact by sharing and learning together. Students we'll be learning a second language, role playing basics, improving SL skills and learning for life.

Everybody is welcome! You just need to be enthusiastic and willing to try new things.... and must be patient... giggles.. open minded and not afraid of making mistakes.

NSS Machinima Showcase and Award Ceremony

This was another exciting event that Pionia attended on Saturday, June 12, 2010. 2 pm SLT. At the University of Western Australia’s BOSL Amphitheater. Where The National Space Society presented the first “NSS in SL” machinima contestant exhibition showing and award ceremony.

This event combined Second Life arts and sciences. Machinima, according to Wikipedia.. Machinima artists presented their work related to the space, science fiction, animated films, music in Second Life, or filmmaking in a virtual world.

Here we have one video by CraigLyons Writer and his video Across the Universe where we can see his exploration into space and machinima. "Across the Universe" is a song by the English rock group The Beatles. It was written by John Lennon, and credited to Lennon/McCartney.

Words are flying out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow…

"NASA CoLab" island

Exploring SL Pionia got to the NASA Co Lab Island. NASA CoLab connects communities inside and outside NASA to collaborate. They provide a framework for people to work directly with NASA scientists and support open source projects. They stimulate exploration surrounding the space program. CoLab is a NASA program that enables collaboration via virtual and physical coworking environments as well as emerging technologies.

The virtual CoLab is a dedicated island in the Second Life on line virtual world. You may visit CoLab in the virtual world Second Life at any time. Regular weekly CoLab community organizing meetings are held on "NASA CoLab" island every Tuesday at 1pm Pacific Daylight Time. Archivist Llewellyn is the one in charge to organize different activities to share with the world. Director/Volunteer, Library and Archives at NASA CoLab in Second Life. First library in a synthetic immersive environment recognized by the Library of Congress.

Pionia has been there many times…

Chichén Itzá Mexico

Well, this time.. Pionia was invited to go on a tour to Chichen Itza in Mexico by the The Avalon Learning Project, what she didn't know is that she'd ended up being the guide on the tour. This was really funny, she decided to wear her princess Maya outfit and bring her beautiful horse Brujo with her to the tour. It was a good thing that she has been there before with the webheads.

Now, this place  has been classed as one of the Seven Wonders in Second Life, the reproduction of Chichén Itza is a jewel of breathtaking jungle exotic and old Aztek ruins. It is a beautiful Summer palace, village and beach relaxation retreats. To go there, just follow the link...

Accepted the challenge proposed by Gwen Gwasi, she googled some info on this famous maya ruins in Wikipedia (of course), she found out that ....." Chichen Itza means "at the mouth of the well of the Itza") is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site buil…

Merhaba from Turkey

Avalon.. again..invited Pio to go on a tour this time to know more about the Turkish culture.. She must confessed she didn't know much about it. The invitation read:

Be a guest in a traditional Turkish home and chat about the country, people, culture and language.

Daffodil invites you to a Turkish evening. You will take a culture quiz and while sipping our Turkish tea or coffee, we will talk about interesting facts and stereotypes about Turkey and the Turkish people. You will also learn some useful phrases which you might use during a trip to Turkey.This was the location:

Pionia had a lot of fun.. and learn some litle words and expressions...Like:
 Merhaba = hello

Also, we went through some quiz questions where Daffodil asked us about what we knew of her country. It was a really interesting way to get to know more of the Turkish culture.

Our hostess invited us to drink a delicious cup of Turkish coffee. Her dear friends, …

Cyber Placebo

Continuing with Pionia's Educators friends in SL. She's really proud to introduce one of her dearest friends in the virtual worlds. Cyber Placebo. (aka Edith Paillat). 

In her profile in SL you can read..." New Zeland uni's Language Technology Specialist, supporting  teaching & learning of 12 languages, training academics in  ed technology, implemented computer language labs in our resource centre, etc. Interested in language learning/ teaching and language resource centres in Virtual Environments. Currently experimenting building a Virtual French Resource Centre but keen on developing it for more languages ... :-) Also potentially seeking interest in university language exchanges."
In December 2008 she embarked upon a fantastic voyage where everything is possible. Cyber Placebo was born into Second Life in December 2008 and quickly matured with the help other educators avatars and finished building a Virtual French Resource Centre in March 2010.

Since May 200…

Avalon visits Arcachon

Pionia was invited by her friends from The Avalon Learning Project to acompany them in a tour to Arcachon. This is an activity to promote the 3rd Virtual Round Table On Line Conference. it is a 2-day conference which takes place completely online on Friday and Saturday, 8 - 9 October 2010 . This conference is a semi-annual live online conference on language learning with technology.

This is what the invite read:

Come and join us for a visit to a romantic fishing village in Second Life, a reproduction of the popular seasight resort Arcachon.

EASE OF ACCESS POINT: This event will also be streamed in Adobe ConnectPro for easy viewing (no avatar, no installation required)

TOUR GUIDE will be Edith Paillat aka Cyber Placebo, who will conduct the tour in French and in English.
She went there and had a great time... The tour was in French and she was delighted to see she could understand everything..…

Educator's Toolbox: Give Inventory Script

This episode of the Second Life Educators Toolbox looks at the Give Inventory Script.
Newbie level instruction shows you what it used for and how to implement it straight away.
With the help of participants in the MUVENation project, Shelly Waco give you a brief demonstration of this powerful and useful and tool.

Educator's Toolbox: PPT Viewer

Well, here's there's another one... way to go Tere and Shelby!

This episode of the Second Life Educators Toolbox shows you how to use a PPT Viewer that won't let your students accidentally advancing your slides. Newbie level instruction shows you everything you need to locate, install and use this amazing educational tool.

Educator's Toolbox: NoteCard Reader

Well, I found this helpful video in my dear webheads wiki. Of course, I had to share it here. Great work by Tere Short and Shelby Waco.

This episode of the Second Life Educators Toolbox visits with Tere Short and looks at a NoteCard Reader. Newbie level instruction shows you what it used for and how to locate and implement it straight away.