Cyber Placebo

Continuing with Pionia's Educators friends in SL. She's really proud to introduce one of her dearest friends in the virtual worlds. Cyber Placebo. (aka Edith Paillat). 

In her profile in SL you can read..." New Zeland uni's Language Technology Specialist, supporting  teaching & learning of 12 languages, training academics in  ed technology, implemented computer language labs in our resource centre, etc. Interested in language learning/ teaching and language resource centres in Virtual Environments. Currently experimenting building a Virtual French Resource Centre but keen on developing it for more languages ... :-) Also potentially seeking interest in university language exchanges."

In December 2008 she embarked upon a fantastic voyage where everything is possible. Cyber Placebo was born into Second Life in December 2008 and quickly matured with the help other educators avatars and finished building a Virtual French Resource Centre in March 2010.

Since May 2009, Cyber has attended three major conferences on higher and adult education on Second life (for free), participated in 2 "unconferences" and presented her Virtual Resource Centre at the Virtual World Best Practice In Education 2010 Conference.
She attends meetings and meets educators every week on Second Life and teach French to support her findings about language learning and teaching in 3D environments.

This is how Pionia met Cyber.. they are kindred spirits... Once they were attending a workshop offered by our dear friend Daf Smirnov in Ciudad Bonita, Daf is a webhead member like Pionia. The moment they met.. they sarted to talk and exchange experiences.. they even exchanged clothes... giggles... Pio was wearing the same boots Cyber was wearing (you can see her boots in the picture above). Since then, they are always going to the same places and helping each other, learning and having fun.

She was invited by pionia and Katarina Camino to serve as a tour guide to Arcachon, a french sim. Our students enjoy the tour and had a lot of fun.


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