Merhaba from Turkey

Avalon.. again..invited Pio to go on a tour this time to know more about the Turkish culture.. She must confessed she didn't know much about it. The invitation read:

Be a guest in a traditional Turkish home and chat about the country, people, culture and language.

Daffodil invites you to a Turkish evening. You will take a culture quiz and while sipping our Turkish tea or coffee, we will talk about interesting facts and stereotypes about Turkey and the Turkish people. You will also learn some useful phrases which you might use during a trip to Turkey.
This was the location:

Pionia had a lot of fun.. and learn some litle words and expressions...Like:
 Merhaba = hello

Also, we went through some quiz questions where Daffodil asked us about what we knew of her country. It was a really interesting way to get to know more of the Turkish culture.

Our hostess invited us to drink a delicious cup of Turkish coffee. Her dear friends, Anna Begonia ad Gwen Gwasi were there. These are some photos of the gathering... soon I'll post the recording of the adveture.. so enjoy the photos...

Here we have interesting links our dear daf shared with us to read more about Turkey:


  1. it was very informative class indeed.Thanks for taking snaps can i share it in my fb

  2. I really had a great learning time :)) and recommend the repetition of the event (at the beginnin of September) to those who missed it!


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