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a tour to the VWBPE 2011

a tour to the VWBPE 2011, a set on Flickr. Amazing experience at the VWBPE 2011

University of Western Australia


Dia de los Muertos at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music

Dia de Los muertos at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music on PhotoPeach

Nany Kayo took us ...exploring this unique Mexican holiday at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music. There, I got to make my own altar. It was really interesting. Got all the materials as well as cards with step to step guidelines. It was easy and fun to make an altar to celebrate Dias de Los Muertos-The Day of the Dead -. We visited Celia Cruz, and the famous painter Frida Khalo's tomb to show our respect.

Thanks Nany and Virtual Pioneers.. we had a great experience that day. Also when writing this post and creating the slide show. I had to pick a song to accompany the show.. so I selected Celia Cruz' Quimbara .. a song I love.. and that I have danced all my life... of course the middle of working I stopped and danced my fav Salsa song. La rumba me esta llamando...Bongo dile que ya voy.... Azucar!!!


Basic lecture series in Second Life

Pio got invited to attend this wonderful series.. on Building Community, using simple tools and buiding for events. These are basic skills for an educator that uses this kind of envirotments to teach. Meet Sharon Collingwood, in this machinima we can listen to her voice and an example of what to expect when experiencing great adventure.

The American Association of University Women’s lecture series in Second Life will be starting up again next week with a series of workshops on conducting group meetings in virtual worlds. If you have been thinking of starting a group, establishing meetings or seminars or teaching in virtual worlds, these free workshops should be useful to you. The workshops will be held at Minerva, the research and study space for the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Ohio State University.
The workshops are at the beginner level; you may wish to take only one, or you may attend all three. If you feel insecure about your avatar skills you can atte…

The First World War Poetry

Torn Fields - war poets 1914-1918

Machinima of Frideswide sim in Second Life, an immersive exhibit by the First World War Poetry Virtual Archive, University of Oxford. This sim offers an amazing virtual experience of the Western Front trenches and British encampments of the Great War, and poetry inspired by the war. Sim opened Nov 2, 2009. Machinima by Tara Yeats; sim builder CSteph Submariner.

Western Front

Last year and for the Re-create, Educate, and illuminate-learning History Virtually conference 2010, offered by The virtual Pioneers, Csteph Submariner lead us on a tour of this unbelievably detailed and historically accurate sim that highlights the trials and poetry of this era in world history.

Poetry of The Great War-Western front 1914-1918 on PhotoPeach

Those were some screenshots of the experience. Walking the trenches and listening to the ghost stories was an unique experience.

You can find out more about The First…

Next Tour Raymaker Field Studies Centre at Praxis

This is the place will be visiting in our next tour in SL... Acoording to SL Destinations guide:
Your location: Raymaker Field Studies Centre at PraxisRegion: PraxisOffers residents the opportunity to learn more about geography, geomorphology, and the earth sciences by exploring the island and interacting with its exhibits. Highlights include the ability to walk directly inside a volcano, an earthquake simulator, and a climate change/reef health simulation.


Wel, Serendipiting around.. Pio found a new community of practice that for sure it'll be helpful to her and many educators:  ARVEL SIG

In their Ning they invite educators to join them and they offer the following:

Come and visit us in Second Life. We have many exhibits archived in our cave system. (Locate the plot's map near our two assistant bots)

Check out the Virtual Reality Room where you can immerse yourselves in the landscape of projects such as Harvard's EcoMUVE and Virtual Assessment, both created in Unity3D. (hint: Welcome Tiki Hut).

Participate to the Spirit Cave's immersive presence exercise and fly back down to ARVEL on a parachute. (Entry near the waterfall).

Collaborate to the 3D mindmap on the concept of Presence at the Center for Social Presence. (Entry on the deck)


If you are interested in bringing your students and colleagues to ARVELSIG in SL, let us know ( so that we ca…