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Nanec 2010 -n11 Memories!

Communities of Practice in SL: Virtlantis

Virtlantis is one of  Pio's favorite CoP in SL. Her friend Kip Boahn (aka Kip Yellowjacket) mantains this community alive.

VIRTLANTIS is a free resource and open community of practice for language learners and teachers in the virtual worlds of Second Life® and OpenSim. They offer free informal language learning experiences for a growing number of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Romanian, and more! The most important fact about this wonderful CoP is that All language learning activities at VIRTLANTIS are FREE!

SL Teleport Link:
OS Grid Teleport Link:
Official Website:
Facebook Group:
Facebook Fan Page:
Contact Person: Kip Boahn (aka Kip Yellowjacket)

VIRTLANTIS is a non-…