Communities of Practice in SL: Virtlantis

Virtlantis is one of  Pio's favorite CoP in SL. Her friend Kip Boahn (aka Kip Yellowjacket) mantains this community alive.

VIRTLANTIS is a free resource and open community of practice for language learners and teachers in the virtual worlds of Second Life® and OpenSim. They offer free informal language learning experiences for a growing number of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Romanian, and more! The most important fact about this wonderful CoP is that All language learning activities at VIRTLANTIS are FREE!

SL Teleport Link:
OS Grid Teleport Link:
Official Website:
Facebook Group:
Facebook Fan Page:
Contact Person: Kip Boahn (aka Kip Yellowjacket)

VIRTLANTIS is a non-profit project of the Oxford School for English, a private language school located in Germany and Austria. It is also a collaborative effort which includes language teachers and learners from all over the world.

Oxford School for English: |

Kip invited its members to record a little video where he asked participants.. why they are in SL?

Pio is setting a poster in the URBE EFL Center in SL with info and a landmark to visit Virtlantis.. So if you ever go visit our center and don't find anyone there. Just click the poster and go to Virtlantis or contact Kip for more info. He's one of the greatest educators Pio has met. He'll let you know how you can learn and practice another language in a virtual world.

Kip Yellowjacket
Tea Time in Virtlantis..

Tea Time is a relaxing and informal activity for practicing conversation in English. We talk about anything and everything, YOU decide! Feel free to bring your own conversation topics and questions. Everyone is welcome!

When?: Monday, Tuesday & Friday
4 am Second Life Time (US Pacific Time) | 1pm Central European Time

Where?: Tea Leaves @ VIRTLANTIS
Teleport Link:

*Please feel free to arrive at Tea Time 15 minutes early to practice speaking with other participants before the activity begins.

*Tea Time participants also receive a list of vocabulary words collected during each discussion. These words are recorded automatically when the activity organizer types a an asterisk (*) before a word. A link to each vocabulary list will be provided at Tea Time. Audio files for practicing pronunciation of these words are also often uploaded when time allows. Additionally, participants can (optionally) follow up our discussions at Tea Time by making use of our weekly Tea Time VoiceThread. This requires a free account on the VoiceThread website:

Movies Night....
A relaxing and informal activity for practicing English. We watch short videos in English (movie trailers, news clips, tutorials, etc.) and then discuss what we have seen. Everyone is welcome!

When?: Saturday
11am Second Life Time (US Pacific Time) | 8pm Central European Time

Where?: Crackerbox Palace @ VIRTLANTIS
Teleport Link:

Read & Talk! 
A relaxing and informal activity for practicing reading and speaking in English. We read excerpts from in-world notecards, blogs, websites, newspapers, books (etc.) then discuss the meaning of the text and any unknown or unclear vocabulary. Everyone is welcome!

When?: Sunday
11am Second Life Time (US Pacific Time) | 8pm Central European Time

Where?: Rose Garden @ VIRTLANTIS
Teleport Link:

Questions? No problem!
Send an e-mail or IM to the below avatar.
Activity Organizer: Kip Yellowjacket

Cost: *All activities at VIRTLANTIS are FREE. If you wish to give the activity organizer a tip or donation, please pay him or her directly. If you wish to donate Lindens to help pay for SIM / island costs, there are several donation boxes located at VIRTLANTIS.

Well, on your next visit to Sl.. go there and have some fun...and don't forget to keep shining Love and Peace.


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