Dia de los Muertos at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music

Dia de Los muertos at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music on PhotoPeach

Nany Kayo took us ...exploring this unique Mexican holiday at the Smithsonian Museum of Latino Music. There, I got to make my own altar. It was really interesting. Got all the materials as well as cards with step to step guidelines. It was easy and fun to make an altar to celebrate Dias de Los Muertos-The Day of the Dead -. We visited Celia Cruz, and the famous painter Frida Khalo's tomb to show our respect.

Thanks Nany and Virtual Pioneers.. we had a great experience that day. Also when writing this post and creating the slide show. I had to pick a song to accompany the show.. so I selected Celia Cruz' Quimbara .. a song I love.. and that I have danced all my life... of course ..in the middle of working I stopped and danced this..one my fav Salsa song. La rumba me esta llamando...Bongo dile que ya voy.... Azucar!!!


Let's see what they do this year.. Keep on shining Love and Peace!
Pionia Destiny


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