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Building in SL: Basics

THE PRIMITIVE BUILDING BLOCKS: Primitives or simply prims are the raw materials from which everything in Second Life is constructed. All things are created from these basic building blocks. Every object, clothes, houses, furniture, cars, plants, etc. are created from prims by the people who use Second Life. Linden lab provides prims freely in unlimited quantities so anyone can build. Each land area can support only a certain number of prims. For example, a basic 512 square meter plot of land will hold only 117 prims. This means a small lot will allow for only a small house with limited furnishings.

HOW TO BUILD THINGS IN SECOND LIFE:  Building in Second Life is an art. You build by putting together primitive 3D shapes known simply as prims. Primitive shapes include: cube, sphere, cylinder and torus. The shapes can be scaled up or down, larger or smaller, and cut and twisted. 

SANDBOX: To begin building, go to an area where you are permitted to build. For most new residents of…

Afganistan Virtual Museum at the VWBPE 2012

Well, on my wandering in the poster area..I found this beautiful museum...I was enchanted by the simplicity of it, the colors, the textures, poetry and history of this courageous and ancient people.

Afganistan Museum in SL on PhotoPeach

Don't miss this wonderful place... and make sure to get the wonderful gifts...

A peek..into....VWBPE 2012

Hey, there! we did it again.. went looking for what's going on.... :)

A pick into VWBPE 2012 on PhotoPeach

 Well, hope to see you all there!!! Keep on shining love and peace! And...... Be EPIC!!!!!
Pionia Destiny

VWBPE is back...This year we are EPIC!!!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted here. Zillions of little things distracting us... evil multitasking...or happy serendipiting.. shrugs her shloulders.. Who knows? What I know it's that those roads have taken me to new lands, people and more knowledge.  With a content heart we are back in town... and with good news... Virtual World Best Practices in Education is here on a new edition and eventhough I am not presenting there, I will be presenting presenters.. a whole new challenge, yeaah!! So, let me tell you about this year Epic edition of VWBPE 2012.

Quoting VWBPE's definition of what Epic is..

Epic is being able to attend a virtual conference with cutting edge participants and brilliant bleeding edge presenters and explore engagement, immersion and NPIRL* education.
On its fifth year, this free, grass-roots conference provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds and games to share innovative teaching, learning and research …