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5th Virtual Round Table web Conference: To text or not to text

The 5th Virtual Round Table Web Conference (20-22 April 2012) is a 3-day free conference offered to teachers who integrate language learning technologies into their classes. This wonderful conference is organised by Heike Philp, Shelly Terrell, Steven Herder and Berni Wall.

The conference takes place primarily in a virtual classroom
environment (Adobe ConnectPro) with sessions for language learning in virtual worlds being presented using slides and screenshared.

Twitter Hashtag #vrtwebcon
Closing conference party is on EduNation in Second Life on Sunday 22 April, 8am slt.

Pio was invited to participate in this session:
A Round Table called: To text or not to text Watson & Baker published 1984 their studies on how we communicate. Their research showed that we humans communicate 55% by listening, 24% speaking, 13% reading and 8% writing. Has this changed? Today we communicate mostly in text chat via Instant Messenger (Skype, AIM, Yahoo), write short messages on the mobile and t…

A building Class with Blu Heron!

Well, today Pio had the pleasure to be part of a basic skills building class.. the topic.. Eastern eggs!!! It was fun.. and the best part was to learn from Blu Heron !! She's the best... Did you know she taught Pio a long time ago how to rezz and open boxes... It was a very informal session after an Educator Tools session she conducted.

So, this is how we did it...

First thing you do when you get to the brewery classes  (BUILDERS BREWERY Free Building Classes, Textures, Script.) you have to sit on a special area for builders.. each teacher changes the deco every's so cool and creative.

After the instructor says hello she gives the first instructions indicating to pick material you will need for the class...
Blu Heron shouts: Welcome to Beginners Egg Coloring Activity! this IS for Beginners level 1 - no building experience! If you know your way around the edit window and have some experience building, the Easter baskets class at 1 is better for your skill level. if y…