A building Class with Blu Heron!

Blu Heron
Well, today Pio had the pleasure to be part of a basic skills building class.. the topic.. Eastern eggs!!! It was fun.. and the best part was to learn from Blu Heron !! She's the best... Did you know she taught Pio a long time ago how to rezz and open boxes... It was a very informal session after an Educator Tools session she conducted.

So, this is how we did it...

First thing you do when you get to the brewery classes  (BUILDERS BREWERY Free Building Classes, Textures, Script.) you have to sit on a special area for builders.. each teacher changes the deco every time..it's so cool and creative.

After the instructor says hello she gives the first instructions indicating to pick material you will need for the class...
Blu Heron shouts: Welcome to Beginners Egg Coloring Activity! this IS for Beginners level 1 - no building experience! If you know your way around the edit window and have some experience building, the Easter baskets class at 1 is better for your skill level. if you have not got the supplies yet, please click the yellow box behind me.
So after you got your materials, they will show in a folder in your recent tag n your inventory. After that, everything is to just follow the instructions..

Blu Heron: Look in your inventory for the folder called BB BEGINNERS EGG COLORING ACTIVITY (look in the Recent items to find it quickly).

Blu uses public chat to give general instructions and also make sure students are following by instant messaging them.

 Blu Heron: I'm asking some of you in IM if you have the supplies. Please tell me there or her in local chat.

The material include a note with detailed instructions as well as screen shots of the steps that have to be followed in order to build the project you are working in. She always arranges the tools in her screen.. She position my camera so Pio can see the area where she's working. Also open the folder with the materials, open the notecard with instructions and she also sets the chat window so She can follow everything.

Something Pio noticed was that Blu has spare screenshots that she places in front of the students so if they get lost and don't know how to use camera properly don't get lost.

Pio learned a few tricks today....

How to color an object and that you can add a precise color to your object by typing in numerical values. For this you Click the Color swatch to open the Color Picker so you can type in the color values.

Here are some of the colors Blu used for the examples:

Cream:  Red=255   Green=255   Blue=225
Pink:  Red=255   Green=86   Blue=171
Blue:  Red=102   Green=186   Blue=255
Green:  Red=0   Green=175   Blue=0
Purple:  Red=174   Green=2   Blue=253
Chocolate:  Red=100   Green=50   Blue=0

Also how to resize and object
While holding down Ctrl + Shift, click and drag one of the gray squares at the corners of the bounding box to resize your egg.

A busy class... :)

A nice Eastern Egg

Proud of my eggs!

Well, it was fun and easy... so what are you waiting for ...Join the Builders Brewery and start building your dreams...

Peeking on Blu picks... Pio found these great places to find her:


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