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SL 10th Birthday!!

Well, it's been a while since Pio has been exploring in SL, the realm of real life has been too demanding on her. But, that's over... *giggles*... for a while.. She came back atracted by the lights, colors and music of a celebration... 10 years have passed since SL started to exist and marvel the world.

She didn't come alone.. she brought her students with her... It's always fun t go on a field trip... It was just wonderful to see a bunch of newbies bumping into walls and walking around wearing a box... *laughs*... But the most existing was to see how they felt in class.. engaged, motivated and inspired... Pio wishes she had more time to bring them more often to have fun and learn in SL.

We visited several exhibitions and got lots of freebies.. W also had the chance to meet other avatars and had conversations.

Well, it is nice to be back.... so many adventures to talk about... See you soon..
Pionia Destiny