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Virtual Worlds: Second Life

Hello, there! It's been a while since  Pio's last post. She promises she will be sharing her experiences in virtual worlds again. This year we have several great events and many more adventures happening in Second Life, Kitely, Open Sim and other virtual worlds.

WE were invited by Rob Howard the founder of EFLtalks to participate in a really interesting project called EFLtalks 10 in 10 for terms.  This project is about building a teacher's video glossary of day to day terminology that teachers and trainers use. EFLtalkers will be defining the terms as well as explaining why, where and where to use the concept in their teaching.

This time, we are sharing a post on the state of the art of my favorite virtual world: Second Life and how it's used to teach and learn a new language.
What are virtual worlds? So, let's get started by defining what virtual worlds are. Berns et al (2013) define VWs as 3-D immersive persistent environments where users’ graphical representati…