Climate Change in SL

Pionia found this interesting post on educational uses of second life, She thought it will be a good idea to share it. Since we now participate in environmental issues and we are promoting green thinking.


OneClimate is an initiative of OneWorld UK, a not-for-profit organization who aim ‘to leverage media innovatively for a fair and sustainable world’. As part of their campaign, they have used a number of social networking tools to create a platform for education and discussion about climate change - including creating a presence in Second Life - OneClimate Island (SLurl).

OneClimate Island provides a space where visitors can meet others interested in climate change and environment issues from around the world, as well as engage in a number of educational tools and resources. The main parts of the island are:
  • The Eco-Village, with exhibitions and simulations of low-carbon living
  • The Transport Cafe - which provides information on lower carbon emissions
  • Renewable Energy - the facts and the debate on alternatives to fossil-fuel power stations
  • Climate Justice, an exhibition which details how climate chaos is already impacting the poorest communities
  • OneStage, for concerts, meetings and movies
  • Climate Science - a space where visitors can catch up with the latest facts and models.

In December 2007, OneClimate hosted the first ever address to the United Nations to be held virtually on Second Life with a presentation by US Congressman Edward Markey - Chairman, House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. The OneClimate team created 'Virtual Bali' especially for the event, and invited participants from around the world to participate broadcasts of the UN Climate Change Conference 2007 via Second Life. You can watch a video of the event on Youtube. Following this they have hosted a number of other other events broadcast live to Second Life including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


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