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Walking and Moving

This is a fun tutorial...

Educational Uses of Second Life

Virtual Campuses

* Campus:Second Life (Pathfinder Linden's hosted space for educators) -
* Global Kids Island - (The Main Grid location that reports on activities at the Global Kids location in the Teen Grid.)
* Harvard Law School's Austin Hall -
* Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel & Tourism Management -
* New Media Consortium Campus (private sim, Electric Sheep build, free sign up for access; overview movie) -
* Ohio University Second Life Campus -
* Bowling Green State University Virtual Campus -
* Northern Illinois University, Glidden C…

List of Second Life Locations!

The links below go to SL locations you might want to explore and ANNOTATE!:
(If anyone has any comments on these links it would be most helpful to leave them below ...)
1. Avilion Rules of Avilion Mist:
1. Use of weapons of any kind is prohibited.
2. Clothing is not an option. You must be clothed in modest fashion to remain here!
This is a place of business and is an Out of Character (OOC / Non-RP) area, please respect that. Thank you, and welcome to Avilion Mist!


Reminisce Jewelry and Furniture, The Cafe, Live Music, Shopping, Money Tree, Womens & Mens Clothing, Art, Welcome Center, Scooter, Boat Rides

Black Swan

Bliss Garden Center


Boogie Beach Island/185/23…

Graham Davies

Graham Davies  has written a guide to SL Viewer 2 for newbies in Word format. He shall be using it for his first f2f workshop on Viewer 2 at EUROCALL 2010 in Bordeaux. You can download the guide and find other materials for newbies here in Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site:

He has also created three videos on the EUROCALL/CALICO HQs, in which He conducts a tour of the EUROCALL building and demonstrate holodecks and shared media. See the ICT4LT blog:

Second Life videos: Groovy Winkler tours the EUROCALL/CALICO HQs..

What I liked the most when visiting his site, it is that he has written about iii. Language learning and teaching in Second Life. He included a list of organizations that dedicate their efforts to help teachers learn how to teach in virtual worlds. These are some of the ones I knew about and some I will be visiting soon.... smiles..

Association for Language Learning (ALL): See below.

"How to teach a language in Second Life"

Project Avalon invited us to participate in the "How to teach a language in Second language" but dued to time constraints.. Pionia was nor there.. but thanks to Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi's blog ... She's Director Of Lancelot School... we can enjoy the encounter...

Questions which were asked ...

* What added value does Second Life provide for language learning?
* How second life may be used in language learning (passive/active?
* How assessment is being done?
* Whether moodle or any Content Management System is used and how?
* Whether viewer 2 makes a difference to educators?
* Whether the language business is growing healthily or is declining?
* How do we encourage peer-to-peer work?
* Whether it makes a difference if students know each other in Real Life?

and other great thoughts on language learning in Second Life

This session had the luck of having 40 language professionals in Second Life that discuss their views and experiences.