Graham Davies

Graham Davies  has written a guide to SL Viewer 2 for newbies in Word format. He shall be using it for his first f2f workshop on Viewer 2 at EUROCALL 2010 in Bordeaux. You can download the guide and find other materials for newbies here in Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site:

He has also created three videos on the EUROCALL/CALICO HQs, in which He conducts a tour of the EUROCALL building and demonstrate holodecks and shared media. See the ICT4LT blog:

Second Life videos: Groovy Winkler tours the EUROCALL/CALICO HQs..

What I liked the most when visiting his site, it is that he has written about iii. Language learning and teaching in Second Life. He included a list of organizations that dedicate their efforts to help teachers learn how to teach in virtual worlds. These are some of the ones I knew about and some I will be visiting soon.... smiles..

  • Language learning in Second Life: an introduction: A useful video by Helen Myers (Karelia Kondor in SL) on her introduction to SL and her experiences in learning Italian:


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