List of Second Life Locations!

The links below go to SL locations you might want to explore and ANNOTATE!:
(If anyone has any comments on these links it would be most helpful to leave them below ...)
Rules of Avilion Mist:
1. Use of weapons of any kind is prohibited.
2. Clothing is not an option. You must be clothed in modest fashion to remain here!
This is a place of business and is an Out of Character (OOC / Non-RP) area, please respect that. Thank you, and welcome to Avilion Mist!


Reminisce Jewelry and Furniture, The Cafe, Live Music, Shopping, Money Tree, Womens & Mens Clothing, Art, Welcome Center, Scooter, Boat Rides

Black Swan

Bliss Garden Center


Boogie Beach Island/185/23/23

Book Island

Caledon VictoriaCity/131/134/24

Chichen Itza Mexico/77/95/36

The City of LagNmoor


Dol Amroth

Eloreaven Gardens, Starlight Ballroom

Explorer Island Island/183/151/22/

Hawaii, Big Island

Heavenly Rose Gardens Gardens/170/205/26

Imagination Island (Rachelville) Island/80/216/25

Info Island Island/90/133/33/

Inspire Space Park Ultra Natural

Isle of Wyrms Cathedral - Here There Be Dragons!

ISTE Island

The Librarium

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Kasteel Verloren

Krakow (Second Krakow)

Midsomer Isle Isle/148/132/27

Monastery of Felix Meritis

Moscow - Red Square

Muse Isle Isle/128/128/0

Music Academy

Nature Japanese Garden "Karesansui"

New York City - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
(Antiqua Paradise Sim) - warning, may only be seasonally available

NOAA Science on a Sphere

No Woman No Life

Paris 1900 1900/8/172/17

Phat Cat's Jazzy Blue Lounge

Podshow Island Island/142/126/27

Portland, OR - NW 21st St

The Rainforest Rainforest/127/110/23

Renaissance Island Island/33/78/27

Riverwalk Cliffhouse Arts and Attractions

Rocky Shores, a Musician's Venue


Sanctuary Rock Rock/160/68/54

Sanctum Sanctorum Sanctorum/86/34/27

Second Life Ballet Theater 10/12/192/22

Second Nature

Seven Veils - The Freudian Slip


Sistine Chapel

sLiteracy - The Globe Theater

SL Botanic Gardens Botanical Gardens/189/207/22

SL Ecosystem

Second Life Library / Info Island Island/139/132/33

Spaceport Alpha Alpha/48/77/23/

SS Galaxy - Queen of the Sagittarian Sea



Tuscany (Toscana)


Versailles City

Virtual Hallucinations

Weather Channel

Whispering Rocks Public Park

Winterfell Village

Le Zoo


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