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Karelia Kondor

Well, reading one of my favorite list:  Educators Digest, Vol 1486, Issue 1 I found a post made by Karelia. There she introduces herself saying:

I'm Karelia Kondor, and I live on a very small plot of land in Edunation, which is very language-teacher-friendly: and I've made a 9 minute video on how I personally learn languages in sl in an informal way - a video targeted to an adult learner audience really:
 Here it's the video:

Language Learning in Second Life: an introduction
Karelia Kondor enthuses about how she learns Italian in her 3D world - and her best friend, Helen, reflects on what Second Life offers which the classroom does not.

On her post to the list she says that her main interest is on how you can use SL to do things you cannot do in the classroom .. i.e.(1) meet real native speakers and make friends with them (2) benefit from an authentic 3D stimul…

5 years of Creative Research in Second Life | Treet Business

Code of Conduct for Backchannels

Backchanneling has become a common practice when attending conferences.

According to Wikipedia:
The term backchannel was designed to imply that there are two channels of communication operating simultaneously during a conversation.[1] The predominant channel is that of the speaker who directs primary speech flow. The secondary channel of communication (or backchannel) is that of the listener which functions to provide continuers or assessments,[2] defining a listener’s comprehension and/or interest.
- Wikipedia ( is such a useful way to collaborate with educators and students when introducing new ideas, presenting in front of a large crowd, or even when watching a video. I found this code of backchanneling at the ISTE 2010 ning

Code of Conduct for Backchannels by Anita McAnear

Simple version:

1. Be Nice

2. Be Clear

3. Be Open

More details:

1. No bad words. Do not talk do…