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Ines Ogura / Ines Puspita

Pio had the pleasure to meet this wonderful educator from Jakarta Indonesia, an upper primary Science teacher in Deutsche Internationale Schule/German International School Indonesia. A good friend Fidel Quevedo, invited Pio to meet Ines in her office in Chilbo. She was really impressed at the creativity and good educational work this girl is doing. She built her office to connect real life classes with her SL classes. When describing herself as a teacher she says:

- Hybrid teacher, teaching not only with mortar and bricks but also bytes and bits.
- Creating just 1% scientist and 99% happy, fulfilled, content and loving human being.
- Teaching avatars of any shapes and sizes, including dragons, robots, vampires, fairies and Lady Gaga.
- Defying the law of gravity every now and then.
- Using technology and magical pixy dusts in every class.
- Definately not a shapeshifter but can be a cool fashionista.  
I found this educator description fascinating, it reflects how a SL educator see her…

Virual Pioneers Conference 2010!!!

Pionia just found out about the: Re-create, Educate, and illuminate-learning History Virtually! ....... This SL conference will take place on October 29 and 30, the Virtual Pioneers invite educators from around the world to embark on an online history conference that will provide classroom teachers, curriculum directors, administrators, college faculty, pre-service college students, or anyone interested in history with a chance to learn and network with peers in Second Life.  For 48 hours, the Virtual Pioneers will host fantastic speakers, interactive tours, as well as, a historical costume party! 
This conference is free to anyone with a Second Life account, but you are encouraged to register in advance.  It is also important to note you can create a Second Life account free of charge.  Please join us for this fantastic event!
Questions? Please contact:  Spiff Whitfield in Second Life or email
Virtual Pioneers:

This is a group founded in 2007 as a profession…