Ines Ogura / Ines Puspita

Pio had the pleasure to meet this wonderful educator from Jakarta Indonesia, an upper primary Science teacher in Deutsche Internationale Schule/German International School Indonesia. A good friend Fidel Quevedo, invited Pio to meet Ines in her office in Chilbo. She was really impressed at the creativity and good educational work this girl is doing. She built her office to connect real life classes with her SL classes. When describing herself as a teacher she says:

- Hybrid teacher, teaching not only with mortar and bricks but also bytes and bits.
- Creating just 1% scientist and 99% happy, fulfilled, content and loving human being.
- Teaching avatars of any shapes and sizes, including dragons, robots, vampires, fairies and Lady Gaga.
- Defying the law of gravity every now and then.
- Using technology and magical pixy dusts in every class.
- Definately not a shapeshifter but can be a cool fashionista.  

I found this educator description fascinating, it reflects how a SL educator see herself and if you compared this view to the way  RL educators see themselves... there's a big difference. She's also a student and she's taking educator development classes of various subjects, from Biology to Literature. Also building, scripting and machinima classes and since she teaches Biology, she's Currently learning to bring Indonesian endangered plant species to life in SL. 

Pio connected immediately with Ines and went on visiting her web page and learned interesting tips on how to teach in SL. She laughed out loud at  Ines' hilarious experiences in SL. SL world is certainly a small world... and Ines and Pio were meant to meet as you can see this picture taken at a chilbo swap tool session.

In order to teach and learn effectively, she and her students use media on a prim boards to connect what they have in real life with what they do in-world. Ines and her students work with webpages, they have created and then can access in SL. 

Now, to finish something she says:

Avatars Do Make a Difference not just in SL but also in RL

Well, Pio has found a like minded educator and hopes they go together in adventures to learn a nd share.

Keep on shining Love and Peace!
Pionia Destiny


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