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Visualization of Data

Virtual Language Resource Centre for French FL

Edith Paillat [Cyber Placebo] -- Virtual Language Resource Centre for French FL

The Virtual Language Resource Centre for French FL seeks to provide language resources for independent learning as well learning with the help of a tutor. With this platform I wish to offer a relaxed meeting point where students can come on their own, as a group to work on resources and/or, more formally with a tutor. The Centre offers French related Landmarks and objects with notecards with links to online resources and suggestions of activities. The scope of this project can be extended to building a broader language Resource Centre for other languages. Language. At a later stage a central reception area with teleporter could then be added for access possibly a holodeck rezzing rooms with specific language and cultural elements. During this showcase I hope to explain how and why I built such centre and, if time allows, engage participants in a discussion about the role of resource centres and independen…

Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi] and German students -- Baal by Berthold Brecht

Pio tried to attend this session but as she crashed, she couldn't go back to the session.. so.. she had to go to another one instead.. anyway....This is the RECORDING:
Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi] and German students -- Baal by Berthold Brecht
VIRTUAL WORLD PREMIERE -- Theatre play by German students. The actors, script writers and stage technicians are German students of the 20s Berlin project.
Baal is a poet who rejects the bourgeois society only to end up drunk, broke, a womanizer and a murderer. In this play you will see his decline and fall from favor of the rich publisher Mäch to the becoming of a murderer of his best friend Ekkart. The first scene is the decadent dinner party and the second and last scene takes place 7 years later, with a horrible surprise at a smoke filled beer café. Bertolt Brecht is a German poet, playwright and theatre director who wrote Baal in 19…

Pio will be presenting at SLanguages 2010 today...

Pio will be presenting at SLanguages 2010 today... wowow.. she's so nervous but happy to be able to share her passion for teaching and learning in SL. Well, this is the info on the workshop.. Later she'll tell us about the conf and her experience... ooops almost forget... she'll be also participating in an unconference:
Randall Sadler [Randall Renoir], Dr. Doris Molero [Pionia Destiny], Kip Boahn [Kip Yellowjacket]
An unconference is a part without set program when conference participants get together, vote for a topic that they wish to discuss with others and then split into discussion groups. At the end of the 30 min discussion everyone meets again and a spokesman of each group relates their findings. Conferences which are entirely based on this concept are called barcamps or educamps.
This session will last 60 minutes
VENUE: EduNation III Mega Temple
Now back to the workshop.... she's counting w…

SLanguages 2010 Conference

Well, at 5pm GMT/ 10am PDT on October 15th (World time), the SLanguages 2010 Conference opens its virtual doors.

Hashtag of the conference is #slang10

What an exciting programme ahead with 47 presenters offering more than sessions over a period of 24 hours! Presentations, workshops, tours, theatre place and a kitchen fire prepared to inform about best practise in language teaching and learning in virtual worlds.

This year's SLanguages Conference which acknowledges Gavin Dudeney's sterling work over the first three years of its existence has been organised by a committee of volunteers.

Among the many highlights of this conference are... 3 panel discussionsan unconferencepresentations and workshopsan Italian and a German theatre play (Bacchus and Bertolt Brecht's Baal)a teaching tools stand in the EduNation II sandbox coordinated by [Alexandra Ergenthal]a poster exhibition at EduNation II and AVALON by Shelly Terrell [Rainey Zapatero] an arts display around the Mega Templeby…

3rd Virtual Round Table Conference

Pio will be attending the  3rd Virtual Round Table conference. This is a 2-day conference which takes place completely online on Friday and Saturday, 8 - 9 October 2010 and is a conference dedicated to language learning with technology in Second Life.

This year..  we will be able to enjoy presentations and workshops by ...

Nicky Hockly, Lindsay Clandfield, Vicki Hollett, Duncan Baker, Graham Stanley, Barbara Sakamoto, Andy Chaplin, Jennifer Verschoor, Marisa Constantinides, Russell Stannard, Vance Stevens, Janet Bianchini, Henrick Oprea, Mike Harrison, Paul East, Marisa Pavan, Isil Boy, Genevieve Besserer, Kevin Westbrook, Judie Haynes, Sirin Soyoz, Paul Braddock, Wayne Cabana Jr., Stewart Tunnicliff, Guido Europeaantje, Björn Sauerhammer, Marina Petrovic, Antonella Baerriolo and Greta Sadler.

Pio is thrilled that many of those names are so familiar and deared to her like Vance, Jenny, Graham, Antoella, and Gwen.

Company presentations include...
LiveMocha, English360, LinguaTV,…