Pio will be presenting at SLanguages 2010 today...

Pio will be presenting at SLanguages 2010 today... wowow.. she's so nervous but happy to be able to share her passion for teaching and learning in SL. Well, this is the info on the workshop.. Later she'll tell us about the conf and her experience... ooops almost forget... she'll be also participating in an unconference:


An unconference is a part without set program when conference participants get together, vote for a topic that they wish to discuss with others and then split into discussion groups. At the end of the 30 min discussion everyone meets again and a spokesman of each group relates their findings. Conferences which are entirely based on this concept are called barcamps or educamps.

This session will last 60 minutes

Now back to the workshop.... she's counting with the help of her dear Artstonian friends, to them a warm hug.. without them.. this wouldn't be possible.
Learning a Second Language in a Medieval World

Are you ready to learn something about Sim role playing culture? Have you ever wondered what a language activity in a virtual world could be like? This is your opportunity to experience role playing in a medieval sim. Join us in a tour a wonderful fantasy world: Artstonia and help us explore how to take full advantage of these virtual world environments to give students a motivating and engaging experience in which they can learn a new language. 

For the blog on Language Learning in a Medivial world click here. For more information on Arstonia click here

In this tour you will be asked to join a medieval role playing sim.  Check the link for more info http://learningenglishinamedievalworld.blogspot.com/2010/08/lesson-1-greetings-and-introductions_20.html

This session lasts for 60-90 (depends om people’s time) minutes and takes place in Artstonia

Meeting point is the green Welcome Area of EduNation II where you will find support and landmarks for the tour.

VENUE: Meeting point EduNation II - Welcome Area

Well, break a leg.. Pio.... 

And remember Keep on Shining Love and Peace!


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