SLanguages 2010 Conference

Well, at 5pm GMT/ 10am PDT on October 15th (World time), the SLanguages 2010 Conference opens its virtual doors.

Hashtag of the conference is #slang10

What an exciting programme ahead with 47 presenters offering more than sessions over a period of 24 hours! Presentations, workshops, tours, theatre place and a kitchen fire prepared to inform about best practise in language teaching and learning in virtual worlds.

This year's SLanguages Conference which acknowledges Gavin Dudeney's sterling work over the first three years of its existence has been organised by a committee of volunteers.

Among the many highlights of this conference are...
  • 3 panel discussions
  • an unconference
  • presentations and workshops
  • an Italian and a German theatre play (Bacchus and Bertolt Brecht's Baal)
  • a teaching tools stand in the EduNation II sandbox coordinated by [Alexandra Ergenthal]
  • a poster exhibition at EduNation II and AVALON by Shelly Terrell [Rainey Zapatero]
  • an arts display around the Mega Temple by quadrapop Lane, arts curator at University of Western Australia's Art & Design Challenge
  • a dance show at the closing party by JenzZa Misfit
For the conference programme, navigate to
For a time table

To register, go to the
Welcome Area of EduNation II and click on the box in the middle and join the SLanguages Annual Symposium group.

There are three main venues, EduNation III Mega Temple, EduNation II Amphitheatre and AVALON Learning Sandbox and a number of tours to Macbeth, real life cities, Citta Ideale, Berlin 20s and other places. Meeting point for all of the tours is at the Welcome Area of EduNation II where you will be guided by support members and where you receive landmarks etc.

Would you like to invite friends and colleagues who do not have an avatar as of yet?
Most sessions of the conference will be streamed live in Adobe ConnectPro and some of the highlights also as LiveStream (kindly sponsored by so that anybody can join and watch.

Watch out for our roving reporter on the ground. [Jose Eternal] and her camera man [Marius Madrigal] will approach passerbies to try to get an interview.

Get immersed. Be prepared for magic.
And above all, enjoy the learning experience.

Wishing you a great conference

The SLanguages Organizing Committee

[Second Life names are mentioned in brackets]


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