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URBE EFL Center in Second Life

URBE EFL Center in SL

We are in Second life!!! Please join us for some fun practice. We'll learn a few basic things about SL, roleplaying and learning English.

Wednesdays at 8:00 pm  Venezuelan time - 4:30 pm SLT
Sundays at 10:30 am Venezuelan time - 7.00 am SLT

Meeting Point:

Easy Second Life T-Shirt making

Well, we are going on a tour to the British Council Isle, so Pio had the Idea of creating a T-shirt for her group: URBE EFL Cneter in SL. So she just googled "How to Create a T-shirt in SL" and that's what she found:

1. Two tutorials: Introduction to Creating Clothing in Second Life®, where she found the templates that you need to create ew clothes and Creating Your First Shirt in Second Life®

2. A nice video, explaing things rally easy and clearly

So,well.. everything seemed perfect.. easy.. but there was a problem..Pio doesn't have the Photoshop program on her computer.. mmmm.. Well, she tried with took a few tries but it fanally work.

That was fun... but wait a minute.. that's a t-shirt for a girl...mmmm. Now, what do we do? Pio thought. At that moment her friend Cata Charisma came by to visit. So, Pio asked him to wear the shirt..of course.. it was not nice for a boy. Pio asked Cata to wear it and edit it.. he couldn't so, Pio asked him to cr…

EVO Tesol 2011 village - Reflections Week 1

Well, Pio is fascinated at what's happening at the Tesol 2011 VILLAGE (Language Learning and Community Building in Second Life).

The kick off was a great opportunity to meet new educators that come to SL for the first time. They are very lucky because they got just to the place where the most experienced avatars live and work to help other educators.

New SL  and more experience SL language educators  had the chance to try to set up their microphones and were given the chance to introduce themselves and have a first pick at what holodecks are and got the chance to visit the Piazza. It was a really nice way to start the sessions.

The idea of this 5 week EVO Session Adventure that repeats every January, (thanks to these seccions Pionia was born), is to facilitate the process of learning to use 3D worlds by helping educators to develop basic SL skills which are appropriate for and relevant to teaching and learning foreign languages. Participants are introduced to various language learn…

Alexandrian Free Library

Pio visited the Caledon Library after receiving a card with the event calendar for the week. She found a nice exhibition on Social Dance. She could see how dances have been around all along the history. She enjoyed  looking at pictures of the dances and read cards with the information about the them. She also found a lot of interesting books that are free to take with you. If you visit the library go to the third and fourth floor and...Just click the bookshelves to get a folder with wonderful works of literature.

Alexandrian Free Library: (Caledon, Winterfell, Steelhead, New Toulouse, New Babbage, Amatsu Shima, West of Ireland, Deadwood & Al Andalus) Library Events for January 12 through 18, 2011.

Continuing Exhibits:

Caledon Library - To Move in measure, an exhibit on Social Dance, curated by Miss Leslie Weston
Mon 2010-11-01 - Fri 2011-07-01
Where: Whitehorn Library, Caledon Victoria City

Events of the Week:


The Art Marathon, Peace and Diversity


Peace and Diversity  Marathon Art  2011 is a worldwide event in which, January 15 and 16 2011, hundreds of artists from dozens of countries around the world will join us for 48 hours and send a message of Peace and Unity in Diversity throughout the world. These events will platform the virtual world Second Life.

Marathon Art is a private event, not affiliated with any organization, aligned to any political or religious in its policy of independence and detachment gives some temporary salaries for auxiliary tasks.


1) The Art Marathon, Peace and Diversity will be held on 15-16 January. During these two days will be different events (concerts, literary readings, exhibitions of visual arts...).


In relation to the works and texts and selected events will be held as indicated below:

a) The subject of the work is of a completely free, although the direction of this event inv…