Easy Second Life T-Shirt making

Well, we are going on a tour to the British Council Isle, so Pio had the Idea of creating a T-shirt for her group: URBE EFL Cneter in SL. So she just googled "How to Create a T-shirt in SL" and that's what she found:

1. Two tutorials: Introduction to Creating Clothing in Second Life®, where she found the templates that you need to create ew clothes and Creating Your First Shirt in Second Life®

2. A nice video, explaing things rally easy and clearly

URBE EFL Center T- Shirt
So,well.. everything seemed perfect.. easy.. but there was a problem..Pio doesn't have the Photoshop program on her computer.. mmmm.. Well, she tried with powerpoint..it took a few tries but it fanally work.

Save the powerpoint as a template
Making the shirt

That was fun... but wait a minute.. that's a t-shirt for a girl...mmmm. Now, what do we do? Pio thought. At that moment her friend Cata Charisma came by to visit. So, Pio asked him to wear the shirt..of course.. it was not nice for a boy. Pio asked Cata to wear it and edit it.. he couldn't so, Pio asked him to create a new shirt for a boy, instead. He agreed with a smile. Cata Charisma  is from Romania. He has been in SL and has learned to speak English just by participating and adventuring into different classes and communities. He's in Cypris Chat, Virtantlis and Edunation..of course in EVO Village 2011, too. yesterday, Pio and the Evo Villagers had the chance to listen to his experiences and adventures in SL. Even thought, he  thought he couldn't build or script.. he helped Pio find a solution to the male T-shirt problem. Pio uploaded another texture and selected the upper part for male choice in the menu. so she could create a shirt for a boy.


  1. Thank you Pio. I hope to be able to help others to speak English. This is my goal. How I said before I am focused for study languages and very useful things for RL. See you , Cata .



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