Neurons Sphere by Shenn Coleman

When visiting a 3D art exhibition in a virtual world you will encounter a whole new way of interacting with what your senses get...

One piece I really enjoy when visiting the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS was Shenn Coleman's Neurons Sphere.

Once you get there, you can click on the blue box and get a notecard. These notecards will give you a little information on the piece you are about to see... some of them tell you what you will need to do in order to enjoy the piece at its best. Sometimes you have to set your graphics, or allow media playing or just turn on your speakers..or they require that you are on a viewer that allows you to see mesh... since most pieces will explore the richness of the elements that 3D virtual worlds offer.

Another important element is the good use of the camera... when looking at the pieces you can zoom or rotate the piece the way you want it... something else that enriches the experience is the use of different windlights.. you can also personalize even more the experience.. so you are sort of remixing artifacts and producing more personalized views of  what the piece was intended to be in the first place by the author... Once something has been created.. it is not up to the author anymore.. it's up to the user... users get the chance to create and expand..or waste it.. ;)

These are the contents in Shenn's notecard on his piece.

Artist Name: Shenn Coleman
Name of Art Entry: Neurons Sphere
Artist Biography: I like to create to learn and to share, and sl is a wonderful way to do that. I am nurse in rl life.

You can see some environments I made on this url

Favourite Landmarks:

 **RL City : Avignon France

She's also participating in the Machinima Challenge, too... I love her work.

Eikon 2 - Renaissance from Deirdre Thor on Vimeo.

Well, these are some shots Pio got with her little knowledge of photography... that's another advantage of exploring with virtual worlds.. you get to document and later reflect on what you experience.. and later can post for yourself or others to share... so the moment we lived doesn't go wasted in our very limited memories...

*sighs* wish I had a better graphic card... but well, I enjoyed walking these spaces... A hug everyone!

Pionia Destiny.


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